Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Movie and Mess

There is one time I watched a movie...

I aim nothing but to release my stress. 
Neither to think nor to mess.
My head has limit and ready to crash.
Meeting the dirt after turn into ash.

The time has come, my eyes were bright.
Removing clog in vein my right.
Stare and muse the screen and light.
To journey and strike, and strike, and strike.

Shall comes to end after begin.
Fear is an option we must pass in.
Venetian is closed an exit regain. 
With inspiration, this time surely go insane.

This poem I wrote after I watched movie "After Earth". Basically, this poem is a story from the beginning I watched that movie until the end. 
First paragraph means that I went to watch movie solely to release my stress and I don't want to think of anything. It is because, my head has already full of academics term since I have to study in facing final exam. The last two sentences in paragraph one is hyperbola sentences which I wanted to say that my head could crash anytime because of stress studying.
For the 2nd paragraph, this is my favourite part especially the last sentences. This paragraph portrays that the movie has started. And all I can say about that movie roughly is the hero in that movie is always being attacked along his journey. That's why in last sentence I said: "To journey and strike and strike and strike"
(p/s: strike=attack)
Finally, for the last paragraph it is well said that the movie has come to it's end. And what I get from that movie is a really beautiful lesson which is "Fear is an option". In that movie, there is also other related quote that inspires me a lot. The quote is "Fear is an image created in our own mind that MIGHT HAPPEN or MIGHT NOT". This quote has made me think to adapt it in facing final exam. Usually as a normal human being, we will always afraid of failure. Therefore, facing examination is kinda scary though. So, after watched this movie, I decided not to feel scared anymore in facing examination. Believe in myself, believe in my hardwork, believe in Allah and after that, what done is done and InsyaAllah everything will be just fine.That's all and I hope you guys like my first english poem.

p/s: thanks for reading... :)

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